Saturdays -4:00  pm - 6:00 pm - Resumes Sept. 10, 2016


This class is for anyone that wants to have fun - young, old, tall, short, everybody who

wants to try or has done improv.  It's a supportive environment to learn

how to interact with fellow improvisors to create a story, an act, a quick exchange that will come easier and easier to do as we all practice doing it.


If you're shy, you'll learn how to come out of your shell.  If you're out of your shell (we'll accept those people, too) you'll see how to listen to every one and  react to the environment around you.


Through a series of warm up exercises, actual scenarios and use of props, you'll see how easy it is to enjoy  a world that  you and your group can create.


                         Improv for the 99 %