Information for New Students



An Absolute Beginner student, that has never taken ballet before, should not get ballet attire for the first class. We recommend that you wear something you already have at home, plus bring some socks. If you like the class, you can go shopping later. Christina's Adult Ballet does NOT  have a dress code, you may pick your colors, your style, but make sure hair is off your face and your pants  (if you are not wearing tights) don't hide your knees…



The way we divide our classes:   Absolute Beginners- no previous training

                                                          Absolute Beginners PLUS - about 7 months old class

                                                          Beginners 1 - about 1 year of ballet training

                                                          Beginners 2 - about 2 years of training

                                                             and so on…

If you don't exactly know what class to take, choose one that is close to the levels above, and you can move up or down accordingly.



$19/class -high School and college students pay only $14

We only accept checks or cash, no credit or debit cards.