Parkinson's & Dance

A Dance Class for Individuals Living with Parkinson’s


Our first two sessions (six weeks each) of dance class for Individuals living with Parkinson’s has been completed and we are happy to announce our third session beginning March 2nd, 2015.  Some of our dancers even had a “gig” performing one of our selections at the Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation Event “A Night of a Thousand Stars”!   Thank you to our dancers for their commitment. 


In addition to the benefits of dance, the classes are structured to accommodate individuals with limited mobility and can be accomplished either seated or standing.  Movements are purposeful and used with a wide variety of great music.  Special attention is made to blend the music with fun-filled choreography that everyone can enjoy.

Spread the word – try us out!


Space is limited.  Please contact Terrye Mock to reserve a space or find out additional information - 248-505-3951,