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Christina Kammuller

Christina Kammuller, former principal dancer of Guaira Ballet Theatre, Curitiba, Brazil, has performed in all 24 Brazilian States, as well as in Europe and Canada.  Since hanging up her pointe shoes in 1987, Christina has taught classical ballet exclusively to adult students.  In providing a  unique adult classroom atmosphere, she creates a spirit of cooperation and friendship that helps her students achieve their optimum in body, mind and spirit.  Ms. Kammuller's distinctive approach and individual attention allow students to reach their personal best in strength, grace and ability.


"Christina is a phenomenal teacher who will open your world of art in ways you have never experienced before. Personally she had shown me how to feel music thorugh my body and show emotion in movement.  Going to her class has become such a privilege and second home.  Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity. I highly, highly recommend it."

                                            Marina K

"Christina has a rare quality about her teaching that  blends knowledge, passion and purpose for all levels of class members.  She has a keen sense of meeting individuals where they are and the ability to move them forward.  Her gentle, respectful and often humorous style fosters a safe environment for adults just beginning, individuals recovering from injury, seasoned dancers and individuals looking for a complete workout regime."                                                                                             Terrye M         

"If you've ever thought of taking a ballet class I can't recommend Christina enough. She's one of the biggest influential figures in my life as an artist and as a human, too. She designs classes for adults to truly DANCE not just point toes and drill the exercises (even for absolute beginners!). She's not fluffy and frilly but she is friendly and fierce and fantastically passionate and skilled at what she does." 😅

"Christina loves to teach adults. She believes that anyone at any age can improve, if one puts one’s heart in it, and she expects us to do so.  She’s my inspiration."

                                                     Izumi M.

"I truly adore every minute of your class.  I have learned so much in each of your classes and love your combinations. I often find myself wishing there was a ballet class like yours in whichever city I live in.  Your class is much better than any ballet class I took in NY or London."                                                                                                             Collett B                                                                            

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