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                                              Our Story


Now, 7 years since we have opened our doors, and 33 years since I taught my first adult ballet class, I believe in the magic of this place – every thing that made me so happy while still in ballet school  was coming back to life, but this time I was the dance teacher, the owner and the leader. 


There are not too many opportunities as we become adults to have time for friends, and to be part of something so challenging, physically and mentally.  Being a dance teacher, sharing the same love for this amazing art, building long lasting friendships, gave me a chance to give these adults of all ages the same happiness I found in my ballet school. In our classes you might see a mother and son, husband and wife, or a 20 years old college student next to a 70 years old man or woman at the barre, all joyously working together, comfortably and in a safe environment. Their joy and sense of belonging is visible to my eyes and soul.


Christina's Adult Ballet has had it's own home now for several years and this UNIQUE place is where they can all gather and dance together to forget responsibilities & everyday worries, feel accepted & be young together again in total acceptance and RESPECT.


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